The advancement of technologies and digitalisation has been progressively increased during the past few years. However, when it comes to user manuals of medical products, the lack of digitalisation is significantly sensible; especially considering the existing issues with the paper base product information that seems to have been ignored until now due to regulations and political obstacles. These issues include the high consumption of paper and its negative impact on the environment, the difficulty for the patients to navigate through the multiple-folded and small font-size paper containing a high amount of critical information, the struggle to update the information by the company in a short time when it is required, unavailability of these information online that prevents the health care professionals and especially medical students to access them instantly. Last but not least, the written instruction on how to administer a medication is not effective enough to enable the patient to self administer certain medications without receiving the visual education from his physician. Therefore, we have tried to provide a solution to these problems that have been affecting our lives for many years by developing the Medinforall app.

What it does

Medinforall is an app that shares the information from pharmaceutical companies regarding the medical products with the patients, health care professionals and anybody who requires information on these products. The pharmaceutical companies can register on Medinforall as admins so that they can add or update medical product information including the name of the product, description, serial number, video or link to the video, instructions, side effects, the entire leaflet as both pdf and text, expiration date, etc. These information will be stored in our app and can be easily accessed by the users. Scanning the barcode of the product or entering the name of the medical products, users can easily and quickly access the medical product information such as the leaflet of the product. It also provides an option “quick information for patients” for each product that bypasses the extra info and gives quick access to necessary information for patients in case of emergency. The users can add or remove medications to their personal list of products which gives them quick access to the information of frequently used medical products. The Medinforall provides the patients and physicians with video instructions on how to use the certain products which require visual education in order to be administered properly.

How we built it

We have used react native for the front end and nestjs for backend.

Challenges we ran into

One of the most important challenges that we have faced was to develop a code to be able to read all types of e-labels.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Medinforall can scan all types of barcodes in order to retrieve information. It can be used conveniently by patients and also physicians.

What we learned

We have learned nestjs for backend.

What's next for Medinforall

Medinforall can become available in Multiple languages in the future. Also the user experience can be promoted as well. It can directly report the side effects that are based on digitally recorded biological data such as Tachycardia (heart rate measured through the Health apps). In order to solve the storage problems, the ORM can be used, therefore we are planning to use Prisma to store the data in multiple clouds backend.

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