Our team wanted to tackle a market that was close to home, yet had the greatest positive impact in our community. It was important to us to seek a market that was profitable and worth pursuing. Thus, Medinar was founded from the idea of making life easier and simpler for the elderly, and the people who serve them.

Medinar is a powerful scheduling app developed with Firebase at its core. Nurses create and change schedules for elderly patients who view their schedule for the day.

Medinar was developed with user experience in mind. From day one, Medinar was designed to be easy to use for elderly patients.

Medinar is both software and hardware based. Medinar offers a well integrated automatic pill box powered by the Intel Edison with WiFi connectivity. This pill box seamlessly syncs with each resident's schedule to open at recommended times and alert the resident to take medication.

Medinar is designed to maximize the nurse's valuable time while minimizing time taken on monotonous tasks. This, in turn, will reduce costs for both nursing homes and patients.

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