The inspiration for such a platform comes from the sudden shortage of medical utilities such as masks and sanitizers among private dispensaries in our native town. Along with this our belief and personal experiences that having a medical history is very much required nowadays for future diagnostics of an individual.

One of the members of our team went for eye checkup a few days ago and was asked for the previous medical prescription. But he was unable to provide it because he didn’t have the prescription at that time. A similar scenario did appear to another member of our team who went for donating platelets a while ago but was unable to provide his medical background.

Medical science has been improved a lot during recent years. Medical equipment and other essentials are also being produced in such a way to fulfill the demands. But still, their availability in the local market is not satisfactory. We believe the reason for this is the uneven distribution of such items and lack of communication among the providers and consumers. Our very initiative application is designed with pure intentions to minimize such communication barriers and provide clear and exact information, which we believe could be a lifesaver at the times one is in need of them.

What it does

MediMe does the following things:

  • It holds, shares, and updates Medical Reports of all individuals who then can access at any given time using our MediMe Web App or MediMe Native App for users.
  • It has its own decentralized inventory which gathers information from several hospitals about their holdings and shares it with other hospitals so that in case of shortage one can quickly contact and ask for help from other hospitals.
  • Our MediMe App for users will have an emergency feature when used it will immediately send requests with location to several nearest hospitals for ambulance support until one of the hospitals accepts the request and sends support ASAP.

Components of MediMe


plugins-architecture MediMe will have several independent Plugin apps that will act as a mediator between MediMe Core Service and ERPs that hospitals are already using.

MediMe Web App & native Mobile App for all Individuals

One can use these two applications to check their medical reports, to invoke an emergency incident, or to take advantage of other online services like consulting a doctor, booking an appointment, ordering medicines, etc.

MediMe Web App Dashboard for Hospitals

This application will be available for health workers only to search for medical utilities and help from other hospitals in case of shortage or emergencies.

MediMe native Mobile App for Ambulance operators

All the emergency incidents reported via patients will directly come here in this app. Ambulance operators will be notified of the situation and they can either accept or pass to some other Ambulance Handler. Whole data will be in sync with MediMe Web App Dashboard for Hospitals.

What's next for MediMe

This application is oriented towards the well being of humankind. Thus, the improvement will be proportional to medical and technical enhancements, to establish a link which could connect even a weak node such as (patients at less med) to the wide network of help and support.

The planning will consist of :

  • Establishing a bridge of decentralized networks so as to prepare a chain of user-controlled information systems.
  • Facilitating a pre-ordered diagnostic and bed reservation for patients.
  • Providing tips and advice through an online communication channel to those patients who are unable to visit doctors.
  • Providing an SOS service that can connect one to the nearest hospital in case of an emergency and could help them to get an ambulance as quickly as possible.
  • We could connect people to skilled physiotherapists and yoga gurus for both online training and offline appointments. This could be a great help to elderly citizens who are having joints and back pain.

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