In today's rapidly advancing society, we are being inundated with more information than ever before. This cannot be understated when it comes to prescription medications, as new medical advances have allowed for the development of more complex and specific treatments to the spectrum of illnesses that we may face. Medications have become more compact and directions for use have become more detailed, leading to smaller containers and even smaller instructional/informational text. For the older members of our society, who statistically require more medications and have weaker eyesight, in addition to those who are visually impaired, smaller text is one of the leading causes of harmful or fatal medication misuse. With our project, MediMate, we aim to solve this issue using modern technological solutions.

What it does

MediMate is an android app that allows users to simply scan medication labels with their phone cameras, which will then generate dosage reminders through the app, alert users of potential side-effects & dangerous medication combinations, and update a user's medical profile.

How we built it

Development took place with Android Studio using the Dart language. To parse text information from scanned images, we used OCR with Firebase's ML Kit API for Firebase Vision, which then stores our user's updated medication information with their current medical profile in FireStore. The newly added medication is then searched with Google's Custom Search API for a list of ingredients, potential side-effects, in addition to any known complications from being combined with other medications. This information is immediately displayed for the user, followed by an auto-filled notification set-up form displayed based on the parsed dosage information.

Challenges we ran into

The most significant challenge we ran into was being able to integrate the various APIs together so that information could be extracted from the internet and returned to the user.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As a team, we're proud to have collaborated together through this hackathon to bring this idea closer to reality.

What we learned

We became much more familiar with Android Development and the Dart language through our experience developing both the front and back ends of MediMate. We also gained a significant amount of knowledge in using Firebase's services and the use of RESTful APIs in general.

What's next for MediMate

Next steps include completion of the Android app, expansion into an iOS app, inclusion of an automatic notification system for pharmacies when medication levels are determined to be running low, based on regular dosage rates, and the implementation of geofencing to remind users to bring all necessary medications with them.

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