All of us being from joint families are surrounded by our grandparents and we get extremely worried about their health. This inspired us to create MediMan a Bluetooth enabled app and hardware

What it does

We created an array of software's and designed a robust and durable dispenser. By combining these two we were able to create a reminder and notification system in the app along with that the device also has the capability to order prescribed medicines automatically removing the stress from elderly. The software and device are in sink with the software having a timetable system and the hardware opening the box of pills that need to be taken during the certain time. We feel this is a very feasible solution since the hardware would only cost around 30 dollars along with that it solves a simple but severe problem that is often overlooked

How we built

We built the app using Kotlin and for the cad we used fusion 360 to design everything from scratch

Challenges we ran into

None of us had used Kotlin before but we were keen on learning in the end we were able to build a successful app. Designing a complex piece of hardware was also difficult in the short span of time but in the end we successfully pulled through.

What we learned

We learned how to use Kotlin and better navigate fusion 360 we also learned valuable skills such as time management and working in a team

What's next for MediMan

Here at MediMan we believe that through funding by the government and community support we can provide these dispensers to all the elderly in need

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