In countries without centralized medical history storage like India, doctors and patients have to maintain their own copies for each document. This leads to problems in storage and in remembering each document’s physical or digital location. This makes doctor visits an arduous task.

What it does

In simple terms, it lets you maintain medical reports and medical measurements like blood sugar levels, etc. and share with them your doctor in a secure manner.

How I built it

We built it by combining modern web technologies like React with trusted and secure technologies like Firebase to build a sleek and modern UI.

Challenges I ran into

Native development was a major challenge for us. As we normally work on web, building native apps had a long learning curve. Eventually, we had to shift back to our trusted web technologies to finish the app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Rewriting Auth from supporting Realtime DB to Firestore. Managing file uploads through FireStore, which stores URLs of uploaded files in localstorage till the user makes a submission, ensuring users don't lose their progress.

What I learned

We tried a lot of cross platforms frameworks like React Native and Flutter. Finally, we decided to build an app using TWA technology.

What's next for MediKeep

Completing our MVP and starting off with alpha testing.

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