I was inspired by my own struggles with depression. For many years now, I have been taking medication to deal with Seasonal Affective disorder while never really knowing what was taking in the first place. For so long, I felt like my prescriptions were something I didn't really have control of because of that, and MediHelp is intended to serve as a way to empower others to take there medicine into there own hands

What it does

MediHelp two different services at the moment. A database to store your prescription and a search form where you can look up your prescription and find crucial information about them

How we built it

MediHelp is build using Node.js libraries like express and ejs for server-side rendering to make dynamic webpages. The from end uses bootstrap 5 for styling along with some custom css classes. The database uses MongoDB and the search form use puppeteer to webscrape for infor.

Challenges we ran into

Turns out, async functions are very important, who knew! As obvious as that was, this was my first time working async functions at it took quite a big digging through docs and google search to be able to implement the functionality I wanted. Another big issue was targeting information with puppeteer as often there weren't any specific selectors I could search for when scraping. The docs for the library were a huge help here as I just used relative Xpaths to do the job. MongoDB also ended up dropping the ball due to the fact that I wasn't able to host it on heroku do to IP address issues

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I really like the overall aesthetics of the web page and the fact that I was able to figure how to implement web scrapping despite not knowing how async functions work

What we learned

How to use async functions, how mongoDB works(and doesn't lol). I also learned how awesome embedded javascript is.

What's next for MediHelp

I want to get it working with twilio API to send alerts for medicine consumption, get it host on heroku (or somewhere online), and maybe try pimping out the interface using react.

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