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College search is the hardest part of college planning, and most of the existing methods to search colleges require you to take a standardized test to work correctly. After all, you're going to spend 4 years in the college that you choose, so you need to make exceptional decisions to guarantee that your college journey is going to be successful.

Here is when FindCollege comes into play. We offer sample questions from the most popular standardized test in the U.S.: The SAT. By answering these sample questions, the user gets approximate of their SAT performance, which is used to recommend colleges with our revolutionary AI college recommendation services. We hope that this platform reaches Sophomore and Junior year students who are curious about their college planning journey but haven't taken any standardized tests.

📲 What it does 📲

FindCollege focuses on letting the user know their SAT performance and the colleges that go according to this performance. We let the user take a short, practice test that evaluates their performance in the 2 main sections from the SAT: Math and Language.

After we evaluate their performance using a custom SAT sample test API, this sample SAT score goes through CollegeAI's API. The API then returns college recommendations based on it. By doing this, the user gets college recommendations without even taking any standardized tests.

🚧 How we built it 🚧

We used a custom SAT API that returns random SAT questions based on their sample tests available for the public. After the user answers all of the sample questions, we calculate an SAT score that then goes through CollegeAI's API, which returns college recommendations for that score.

After the college recommendations, we also scrape any available info about the university. This includes things like their basic description, admissions website, and financial aid info. We serve this through a beautiful React-powered frontend, and we made the custom SAT API using Express and Node.

✅ Accomplishments that we're proud of ✅

We're really proud of creating an app that has a lot of use, especially for junior and sophomore year high school students, and that's simple, efficient, and overall easy to use. We're also proud of getting all of the features that we planned, in the beginning, working correctly.

🙋‍♂️ What we learned 🙋‍♂️

We learned a lot about 3rd party API usage, and it was also the first time we used Express as the main API framework in a hackathon! There were a lot of things we learned this weekend, like creating custom React Hooks, API Cloud Hosting with Deta, and Express.js programming.

💭 What's next for FindCollege 💭

We're planning on adding support for other tests, like the ACT. We're also planning on adding more features for the college recommendation system, like a GPA calculator or an annual income form for financial aid.

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