Medical service is one of the most important human right. But in a rural area, like Tamil Nadu, India, there is a lot of poor people who may need free or low cost medical treatment. Also they need necessary information about the medical emergency or other epidemics so that they can take necessary precautions. Many government and private NGOs or organizations arrange some free or low cost medical campaigns, vaccination campaigns etc. But maximum people are failed to receive these services. Because of proper announcement or advertisement of these campaign the poor people do not get notified. As a result they become deprived from this services, in turns the main target of these campaigns are not fulfilled. For the same reason they are not informed about the latest epidemics, news about dangerous virus attacks or diseases, like Ebola.

So here we come with our app "MediHelp" to make a bridge between the poor people and the medical services.. This helps poor people to notify about the upcoming free medical treatment related information so that any people do not deprived from these free services. Also our app ensure about the proper information flow about any medical emergency, like Ebola, so that they can take necessary steps against these critical medical situation. In a nutshell, our app ensure that there won't be any gap between the medical services and the poor people.


  • First the NGOs or other organizations have to create an announcement for the medical treatment, vaccination campaigns or emergency medical announcement.
  • People can get the medical announcement from this app.
  • Information about the latest virus attacks or diseases, like Ebola.
  • Our app give the "Google map" location about the free medical campaign or treatment.
  • NGOs, volunteers or other medical organization can use our app to notify user about updated medical information.
  • Local medical center can arrange meetings and notify people about this, so that they can share some information with the local people.

Main Users

  • NGOs
  • Medical organization
  • Medical students
  • Volunteers
  • And of course all the people who are deprived from the medical services due to the lack of information.
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