Our goal is to make technology that helps medicine and the sick. Inspired by the smart watches, and the socks that can tell when people with Alzheimer's wake up.

What it does

It is a website that stores data of the patients at nursing homes. It is a website that help nurses take care of the patients better. Medigo stores information of the patients including: name, age, favorites, allergies.

How we built it

Front end was working with bootstrap to build the website and the back end was attempting to use Django and sql.

Challenges we ran into

We are working hard to fight procrastination, in additionally, the back end was having trouble in figuring out how to call to database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We did it!

What we learned

We learned more about javascript, python, html and css. In additionally, we learned that we need to take care of other team members feelings to yield better result.

What's next for Medigo

Debugging this project.

As the clock ticks forward, the world around us is changing, at a rate never before known to mankind. Yet as that time passes, so does ours- leaving baby boomers, the largest generation of humans ever created, to rapidly expand the need for healthcare services. But despite this, many of the critical assets responsible for taking care of these people, nursing and retirement homes, simply are not keeping up. A majority still rely heavily on inefficient paper-based data systems, even while their capacities and workers are being pushed to their fullest. This is exactly where Medigo comes in: though still early in development, Medigo aims to revolutionize this niche and poorly developed market, by providing nurses with efficient, mobile, user friendly scheduling and an easy to access database of their clients. By allowing them to manage and filter through this information at the click of a button, time spent fumbling through files is drastically reduced, giving nurses more time to take care of those dear to you. While still in an nonfunctional alpha state, we have high ambitions for what Medigo can bring; this is simply the first step. We will continue to strive to work on this project, learning and growing as a team bound by strong ethical beliefs; but even more so, a team bound, by the desire to change the world.

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