We believe the current use of thermography for medical applications (e.g. diagnosis of diseases and ailments) can be enhanced and enriched through the use of 3D thermal imagery. We intend to demonstrate this potential through the use holograms (Pyramid Hologram) and stereoscopic virtual reality (Google Cardboard).

How it works:

We map thermal images from different angles and project four into the pyramid hologram through a display device. A set of four images are automatically sent from Flir One to our app which orients and places these images into the right containers for subsequent projection. For this particular hackathon, we are using a 21 inch monitor. This concept can be scaled to full size holograms that would enable teams/doctors to carry out detailed analysis and diagnostic procedures.

The stereoscopic virtual reality relies on overlap of two (or more) thermal images taken side by side to create an immersive experience that could help mass/faster identification of infectious persons in crowded places like airports which are known t be major hubs of disease and pandemic transmissions. We believe our system would be faster and more effective than current spot measurements done individually during screening of passengers for ebola.

Challenges I ran into:

Although we isolated our subjects (from other heat sources) as required for the hologram pyramid, we realised that the Flir One automatically uses a dark blue background which is not quite ideal. In order to get the black background that we need, further automated image processing would be required and there was not enough time to build this code for this proof of concept. We had also hoped to use four cameras to capture thermal video imagery but the venue of hackathon was not ideal for isolating a subject with four perfectly aligned cameras.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

We worked as a team; we got the app to work and we were able to build the pyramid hologram and get it to work. The Google cardboard was also impressive.

What I learned:

The Flir One is a very powerful device.

What's next for MediFlair3D@

(1) To work on the image processing code that converts the blue-ish ambient background to black; (2) to build a full scale pyramid hologram.

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