Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. The outbreak of Covid-19 has severely affected the global economy, with disrupting businesses across diverse sectors around the world. The spread of the virus now has led countries into lockdown, fearing the economy of a recession. Due to coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak, players in India’s IT services, according to industry analysts, will see a significant slowdown in growth during this financial year. In corporate to bring the organizations in normal and to facilitate more information on the vaccine and vaccine centers and the other medical facilities and information in one place, Medi-Fin-Astra.

What it does

An Astra (in Hindi weapon) which can help employees in current pandemic situation. A Portal for collecting Medical data of employees. Help people in finding vaccine centers in cities. Collective report can be generated of employees as per vaccine taken by employees or not. Employees need to provide receipt of Vaccine-intake or document for other needs. More people vaccinated; safer the workplace will be. Easy to find authorized Vaccinated centers in city using smart search. Help in finding unvaccinated employees

How we built it

We used cutting edge technologies on MediFinAstra

DB-Oracle. Frontend :Angualar,Chart.js Backend: Java, RESTful Service with Spring Boot, and ITEXT for PDF generation.

Challenges we ran into.

There were several problems starting from architecture . we were faced challenged to integrate pie chart with angular and spring boot rest services.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The overall solution shaped up pretty well in addressing all pandemic covid 19 situation.

What we learned

We have learned integrate angular with spring boot rest web service.

What's next for MediFinAstra

The Medi-Fin-Astra portal will have a login page(Initial page) and their logins differentiate the user access and SuperAdmin (A credential that is created for the Admins only) access. New user can use the create account option to create their profile in Medi-Fin-Astra, leading to Account activation page and if required they can complete their profile and once changes are submitted.

Directly can search authorized Vaccinated centers in city using smart search. Provide information of authorized centers like Antibodies center, Blood bank etc. in cities using smart search. Helps in raising funds for employees using valid medical documents.

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