Picture this — today is a busy day. Your general care physician has referred you to a different hospital. Your dentist wants to schedule an appointment with you for your wisdom tooth surgery… with a new surgeon. You need to prepare the stacks on stacks of materials that each new doctor needs to give their diagnosis and perform treatment. Once you get to these new medical providers, it turns out that the paperwork you have is so dense and complicated, they need to spend a couple of days sorting through it all just to be able to incorporate it into their systems. One of our team members was in this exact scenario just before this hackathon. If only we could have an app that integrates with most major healthcare data systems, helps manage appointments and medications, and allows for easy and secure communication with doctors.

We aim to help make health records accessible and manageable to the client and all of their healthcare providers in order to provide unity within the healthcare system. Our name is inspired by the trusty fairy Navi from The Legend of Zelda, who acts as protagonist Link’s navigator and companion. Just like Navi, we hope to not only guide you on your healthcare journey, but also put providers in sync so that they can place their sole focus on caring for the clients who deserve it. Many individual hospital systems have this, but there is no one solution for all healthcare needs.

What it does

MediFae is a comprehensive peer-to-peer health platform adapted for the needs of all users. With a simple scan of a QR code, healthcare providers can seamlessly access all of a client’s health data without the need for paperwork.

How we built it

We built MediFae using JavaScript/HTML/CSS to write the source code, and ReactJS to create the user interface. MediFae also includes peer-to-peer connections supported by WebRTC, and UI components from daisyUI.

Challenges we ran into

A major challenge we ran into was developing the 60-second timer for the QR code. Additionally, two of our three programming members did not have experience with technologies such as JavaScript and ReactJS prior to starting the project, so the learning curve posed another obstacle.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team is proud of picking up new skills and technologies such as JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and UI design as we worked on the project over these past 72 hours. Additionally, we were able to come into CruzHacks with a well-brainstormed idea and a well-rounded team with a diverse array of knowledge in not only programming and full-stack development, but also nursing, art, and copywriting.

What we learned

Throughout the course of this hackathon, our team learned the process of continuously debating to improve our features, as well as learning to compromise due to the tight timeframes. We had to also improve our time management skills to meet the deadline given to us.

What's next for MediFae

We’d love to integrate with hospitals and clinics across the world to help revolutionize healthcare for clients and providers everywhere so that all healthcare staff are in sync with one another, even with new clients!

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