Due to the increase in covid cases, people are now more restricted to staying in their homes now. This caused problems to people with problems like diabetes who needed lab tests to keep track of their condition and also require occasional consultations from health experts for their health condition.

What it does

Our platform makes it easier for private hospitals, outpatient private clinics etc to manage their clients. Our platform lets users book appointments for lab tests, request health consultation and track their medical history for health advice. We will aggregate the labs providing home services for tests like blood tests etc and connect them with the users present in their city.

How we built it

Our tech stack was Nextjs, tailwindcss,mantine,nodejs,express, typescript, prisma, postgresql. We made use of Github collaboration features and managed the whole project with the help of git's pull request feature. Our project managers reviewed each pull request and merged them after testing and resolving all the conflicts. We even implemented Github actions for workflow management to parse our incoming code so that it becomes readable for anyone who looks for open sourcing in it! Proper readme documentation and licence were added to the project to help any contributor looking to contribute. We kept utmost precision while creating the Ui so that it looks beautiful in both mobile and laptop devices. Everything was designed by us from scrath ranging from selection color of website to dynamic navbar highlighting.

Challenges we ran into

Designing the database, creating the APIs and styling each part of the platform with precision was really a difficult job to do. We even wanted to host our website on GitHub pages but due to server-side rendering, we failed to do so. Making the website responsive so that it works smoothly in all type of devices was also challenging. One of the challenging tasks which we faced was managing the file upload of the user's prescription to the database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Since we all are not so experienced in full-stack web apps, achieving the workflow which was decided was us was in itself a big achievement for us. We made a really good database schema for the application which helped a lot in managing the flow of the application.

What we learned

It was our first time working with GitHub workflows so that was a new learning experience for us. We even learned to manage file uploads in full-stack applications. Designing the UI to work in all types of devices (Responsive Design) was also a skill which was refined while working on this application.

What's next for MediDesk

We will add more features like applying for medical certificates, other appointments for different medical needs will be added. We will also work on providing more refined dashboards to our users and labs for smoother experience.

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