Medidata's software is used in the execution of over 50% of the electronic clinical trials in the world today, and as such is touched on a daily basis by investigators and coordinators worldwide. However almost all information flow in a clinical trial is from the patient to the site & sponsor. With Medidata Engage we have built an interface for patients that allows them to simply and easily submit data to the site, to receive a view of data back and to ask questions and receive information directly from the investigator. By building a patient interface on top of existing clinical trial technology we believe we can enable sponsors to provide their sites with a mechanism to stay in touch with their patients in a way that adds no additional burden to the site. By providing a way of asking questions at any time, and providing data, that can support disease management from the trial back to the patient, we believe we can make participation in trials simpler and more rewarding in a way that will encourage patients to fully participate increasing the therapeutic value they receive.

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