Users will be able to scan their skin conditions which the application would analyze to find the best fit diagnosis. It would then provide the user with with more information about the condition as well as possible home remedies and professional medical solutions. The user is also prompted with the option of sending a report of the diagnosis to their doctor.

The application's image recognition software is powered by Clarifai. This provides the backbone for the iOS application.

Training the models for analysis of the picture was one of the biggest challenges we faced. Due to a very data-backed project, we had to run many images through the learning algorithm to begin to see accurate diagnosis.

Medicus has the power to create a safer world. Teachers would be able to use it for playground accidents to check for possible infections. Doctor's would be able to provide faster solutions with a detailed report, including pictures, of the condition. In times of earthquake and other natural disaster, the speed of injury recognition can be vital in damage control.

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