I'm a pharmacy student aspiring to get involved as an Informatics Pharmacist in the future. I want to use technology to help provide better and safer healthcare for patients. Although I may not have as much coding experience as my peers in CS majors, I consider the knowledge I do have very important to bridging the gap between clinical and technological knowledge. I believe it's crucial to understand what's possible and the logic behind the programs that drive so much of our lives. The combination of these two fields will result in a better healthcare workflow and efficiency.

What it does

Keeps a calendar and list of patient's medication. Leads to a refill request form.

How I built it

HTML for the front end. Bootcamp css for design. FullCalendar javascript for the calendar.

Challenges I ran into

I had essentially zero coding knowledge starting this project. This was the first time I was coding. Literally everything was a challenge of understanding new terminology and attempting to put it into practice. It was hardest transitioning out of HTML into more complex functions (excuse me if that's not the right word) like in javascript, jquery, and python.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I learned to recognize the different file languages. I continued coding through research and trial-and-error.

What I learned

I learned the complexity of coding and the sensitivity of the languages. Many things I may take for granted, like changing webpages, I had to struggle to figure out how to do.

What's next for Medictation

I'd like to further expand on the text messaging features. Text messaging has been a leading cause in the improvement of patient adherence to their medication. It's easier than installing an app. People also pay more attention to their text messages. I would like to build it so their information can be obtained by their doctors and pharmacists as long a the patient, or a family member, can give them access through text. I would also like to make it so the patient can message the bot questions like "What should I do if I missed a dose?" or "How many prescriptions are ready at the pharmacy?"

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