Usually, a lot of unnecessarily crowds found around the medical centers in the holy places during Hajj. Thus, many patients who really need an serious help do not get it in the appropriate time.

What it does

Our project reduces those crowds by directing the suitable medical teams (Paramedics) in an efficient way to the Hajjis who needs the help. This will lead to less crowded areas around the medical centers and optimizing the workflow of the available paramedics and utilizing the use of medical services.

How we built it

We used .Net, C#, DB, JavaScript, Jasons.

Challenges we ran into

Time limitation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Serving Hajjis is one of the most inspiring achievements, but helping Hajjis who needs a medical care is even more important.

What we learned

Some of the latest Google tricks

What's next for MedicsUtilizer

Creating a mobile app version. Completing the rest of the system functionalities. Initiating the marketing campaign.

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