The US is a multicultural country as 41% of the population is made up of immigrants. While there are significant numbers of the immigrants with little to none English literacy having issue to access medical care.

What it does

Our application allows patients with language barriers to seeking medical help/consulting with doctors who don't even speak their language in a timely and effective manner.

How we built it

Integrates Real Time Communication (video conference) and Real Time Translation. (Google Web to Speech API)

We built it using node.js, javascript, CSS, HTML5, apache, Xampp.

Challenges we ran into

  • Transcribing the audio directly from the video conference in real time
  • Translation Accuracy

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We could implement all the features we wanted in our app for this hackathon.
  • We managed to keep the User Interface clean and simple to use.

What we learned

  • Team work
  • Problem solving approach
  • Cooperating codes with Github
  • Using various different modules
  • Manipulating APIs
  • Transcribing video to end-user desired language in real time
  • Pitching skill

What's next for MediConf

MediConf will soon be safe enough for every user(doctor/patient) to use anonymously and if the need arises can visit the doctors any where any time, all with the real time communication.

We can use this with health care companies to provide better and easier way of communication to patients as well as to doctors.

Vision ->

Our integration is not limited to health care but also can be used wild in any situation that needs translation.


  • E-learning Course
  • Language Learning Application (Eg. Duolingo)


  • International conference meeting


  • Travelers

If well developed in the future, we can even add direct calling service so it can reach to a real number.

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