Due the rise of corona virus the healthcare sector seems to face a scarcity in the reach of doctors. This inspired us to create Medicom so that patients could get in contact with medical aid remotely and easily. Also, it prevents people getting from influenced from any kind of fake news on the internet, harming themselves more than the diseases.

What it does

Medicom has the following features :

  1. Patient-Doctor Community
  2. One-to-One video appointments
  3. Fake News Detector and Original News Source Gatherer
  4. Anonymous Mental Health Consultation

How we built it

We build it upon android systems so as to expand it's reach. We used Firebase as the backend of this project due to simplicity and flexibility of the API. We used the power of neural networks for fake news detection and for Video conference.

What challenges we faced

It took a lot of careful study and time to implement the video conference api as well as to tweak the fake news detector model.

What's next for Medicom

Some of the future features of Medicom would be as follows :

  1. Expand the app to other systems like web.
  2. Add an online medicine purchase and prescription store.
  3. Fix in person appointments for doctors and patients.
  4. Medical Emergency signal.

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