Recently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the whole world has realised that health is the most important aspect than any other thing in life. Everyone cares about their family members and loved one and keeping track of their medical history might always be a challenge for every individual. What if we have all the medical history and records of members at one place? Will it be easier for them during the case of emergencies? What about genetic diseases? How much percent chances are there of you getting some disease inherited from your parents? These are some of the questions that motivated us into building a very useful system that stores the medical history and records of a user and inherits the same set of data of their parents and siblings; so in case of emergencies the doctor can rapidly analyze the situation and make decisions according to the patient's history.

Challenges we ran into

Creating an optimized graph is not an easy task, however we managed to keep track of all users using their ID and data linked with each other. We managed implementing this graph by planning and using an appropriate DB architectural design. When we were on the verge of facing security threats, we implemented JWT Token to allow only signed in users to gain access of their own file, while the doctor has read-only access. We haven't yet implemented any functionality that validates the doctor due to which anybody can have access to the records, which we will try to resolve in the next build.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have completed designing and implementing the Web portal for the doctor to access the records; and a Mobile application for the patient to create, view and update the records of themselves and their family members simultaneously. We used MongoDB as the database, ExpressJS and NodeJS as the backend support and, ReactJS on the frontend for web and React Native for mobile. During the past 24 hours, we gave our best to implement the graph that is properly linked with all the family members, using which the doctor can view the records and gain insights accordingly. We are really pleased the overall performance of the system, however we are very proud of a tiny functionality that we have added on the patient's side is that the user's can add a small note to his/her/their own medical records.

What we learned

Apart from having fun developing this system, we learned how to work as a team, appreciating and helping each other out at any point of time, how to modularize the work accordingly. We learned how important it is to have a good team and the teammates who work cooperatively. Having said, online hackathons are not quite easy as we have to keep checking up on new pulls from the other teammates and then working as a team on several tasks virtually. We even tried pair programming and had good experience with that approach. It made our implementation phase a bit faster than usual.

Will this system succeed in the market?

Going at one place to find the entire medical history and records of an individual eases out the complex mess one can go through if they have different doctors for any of their problems. One just have to give their file access to the doctor and they can check through their data easily to gain insights which our system will provide. We can partner with specific or more than one hospital and implement smart analysis specially for the doctor's to go through the patient's and their family's data to help them make precise decisions which are, during the times of emergencies, very important for them. There are some times when a few diseases, at earlier stage, start showing minor symptoms which generally can't be detected by the doctors or generally they are not sure if it is the right problem that they think it is. Using the records of the patient and their family's makes it easier for the doctor to carefully analyse and make proper decision. This can save from the disease to grow further before being accurately detected.

What's next for MedicoGraph

Creating valuable insights for the doctor by using the users data is the most important future goal of our system. Apart from that, there can be a few modifications to be done on the UI side to enhance the user experience. In future, the users can also allow other users to access their files upon request, for example you can authorize your friend to handle your file at times of emergency.

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