Inspiration: Healthcare is still not accessible by people at right time. Getting an appointment to consult GPs is taking ages. Sometimes visiting GP can be time-consuming due to distance.

What it does: It is a responsive web app which uses The HealthCare Locator SDK and provides access to 21.5 million healthcare professional in the world at everyone's fingertips. Patients can easily locate the HCP they need and plan their visits accordingly. They can consult online as well.

How we built it: Currently this HTML5 mobile app is an HCP finder where the user needs to select a category and click on the search nearby button and it shows the list of cards of HCP's based on the category selected. Each card contains Physician Name, Address, and Location (It shows the distance of the HCP from your current location) with Inquiry button.

Upon clicking on a location on a particular card it opens up a google map with a marker point on the actual location of the HCO.

Upon clicking on Inquiry on a particular card, it opens up a pop-up and user can enter his/her details, health problems and share his/her contact details and then click on the book appointment button.

Challenges we ran into is having a mobile developer in the team. But we used the concept of responsive web apps which can be easily used in mobile browsers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of building an MVP that is simple to use for anyone who uses a smartphone and can access healthcare service with the minimum waiting time.

What we learned: understanding the right problem and having the right approach with light tech can make a huge impact. HealthCare Locator SDK made our life easier by providing access to 21.5 million HCP records.

What's next for MEDICO 24*7 Converting into an android and ios app and make a platform to connect patients with Doctors online and providing online recommendations adding functionality like giving feedback to the doctors and gathering more data around patients and their behavior.

Over here we have extensively used the Graphql service provided by IQVIA's Health locator SDK. The Graphql service has provided immense possibilities for developing innovative healthcare apps on top of the 21.5 million HCP data provided by Health locator SDK. It helped me to extend its service and build custom-made service on top of it.

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