There aren't many medication skills in the Alexa store, and the ones that are don't work well and are rated low in stars.

What it does

You can add, take, list, and remove medications!

Here are some examples of what you can say:

  • What are my medications
  • Add pain medication for 4 pm
  • I've taken my pain medication for 4 pm
  • Have I taken my pain medication for 4 pm?
  • Remove pain medication for 4 pm

It remembers the last time you've taken each medication.

How I built it

To begin with, I was leading my team in a local hackathon in January. In January, I learned much about DynamoDB and connecting everything together. We had an application which could only add one medication & mark as taken as a yes/no, but it worked :)

Now I've made it more complete with multiple medications as you have just read above.

I built this application using Javascript, DynamoDB, as well as the alexa-sdk, aws-sdk, and promisify.

Challenges I ran into

The normal random bugs, undefined items. Intentions not quite working as they should.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning all about how to create an Alexa skill!

What I learned

Much about the Intents, and AWS in general. I've also learned the many requirements for publishing a skill. At least, I hope I learned them all so that it can be published and I'm eligible!

What's next for Medicine Tracker

We would love to be able to alert the user when the medication needs to be taken, whether it be via email or text, or some kind of Alexa notification.

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