Medicine Safe - helpful easy-to-use application for your smartwatch that reminds you to take daily medicine pills / vitamins.

For everybody and everyday use.

With your watch on your wrist you are always on-touch and you'll never forget when to take a pill.

  • Create New Medicine with advanced settings (dosage, before/after meal, frequency, start date, finish date, add information notes).

  • Medicine List with library of popular medicine and pills.

  • History of your pills.

  • Stylish design created especially for wear devices.

Stand-alone application for Gear 2 / Gear S device. No network connection is required.


  • Gear S Revision version.

  • Pills Library, about most common medicine which helps you to find out about contra-indications, additional information and read everything you need to know in any place and without network connection.

  • First Aid Rules, most popular recommendations what to do in case of emergency or how to help a person while waiting for ambulance. There are helpful pictures in this section and it is updated constantly.

  • Create and Remember Appointment to a Doctor!

  • More various settings for more flexible and accurate planing (pills).

What Next?

  • We are working on new updates for application with more extended medicine library, intellectual reminder and carefully working with our customers to make sure that it is a really useful and helpful product for daily use.

Thanks for your time!

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