Medicine Reminder

Integrates Hardware and Software

Our hardware involves a distance sensor on the lid of a medicine bottle which will provide information on if the lid is on the bottle or not. When the lid is off of the bottle, we use the Spark Core to connect to the WiFi for a POST request to a server to store the time when the user has taken their medication.

Our software involves the creating of a website, where users will be able to specify their name, email address, phone number, the times when they will take their medication, as well as what interval of time they would like to notified by text via Twillio if they miss their scheduled medication time. We also wrote software for Spark Core to do http requests for when the bottle was open. We used MongoDB for our database for its flexible schema and usability. We also used Node.js as a RESTful API to serve the client side functionality and connect to Spark Core.

More Information

We chose text message as our medium of communication due to being able to target a much larger population who would greatly benefit from this service. Our users will be able to log onto our website to see when they took their medication as well as a graph to provide data on their weekly habits of how often they take their medication.

Why Our Hack is Important?

Our hack is important because it provides users a way to keep track of their intake of medicine. A big problem that we have all had as well as many people we know, including our parents, forget if we had taken our medication earlier in the day. Some medications could possibly have strict restrictions on how much of it should be consumed each day, which is why it is vital to ensure that a patient does not take too much of that medication. Another important problem is that we often forget to take our medication at all. Our hack provides a way for people to overcome these problems by providing graphical information on their medicine eating habits as well as when they consumed their medicine.

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