By 2013, all providers will be required to store all patient data in a digitalized format. The cost of implementing EMRs is extremely high and is a huge barrier to entry for physicians – especially those in general practice. By proving a free cloud-based EMR, physicians can quickly and easily digitalize their records, receive automatic updates and minimize infrastructure expenses by hosting everything virtually. For subscribers to the pEMR Labrador syncing solutions, their records will be compatible and syncable with up to 90% of the current market’s electronic systems.

Effective discharge coordination compares a patient’s profile with appropriate post-hospital providers so that they can be matched to the best possible extended care environment. Unfortunately, the typical process is extremely labor intensive, requiring multiple phone calls and faxes to find the provider with the right capability and capacity. Web-based discharge and placement technology now exists that automatically compares the patient’s profile with a network of available post-hospital care providers. It eliminates duplicate information entry and communication redundancy, while increasing accuracy, and improving efficiency. Electronic transfer of patients’ medical records keeps confidential patient data secure, and HIPAA compliant. It also means that the patients’ care history can be easily accessible to post-hospital providers. This type of electronic referral management system for the post-hospital care provider can reduce fragmentation in their care delivery model as well. They can capture and manage all inbound patient referrals and medical records across their own facilities, further decreasing fragmentation in the post-hospital care environment.

The Labrador EMR software can be thought of as a highly secure healthcare retrieval network. The EMR provides the full functionality available by competitors, but is also much easier to use and configurable by the provider user – allowing faster use and giving more time for patient care. Through the Labrador cloud syncing services, multiple devices[1] can be “white listed” by the patient to approve additional providers, family members and additional personal devices. Additional devices can be removed at any time to prevent unwanted data transfers. All of these services are available through the patient portal.  An emergency application will also be built-into the mobile device application for quick access to time-sensitive data that does not pose a security threat to the user (i.e. public information). This data includes the patient name, emergency contact information, allergies and blood type. This information can be accessed during emergency transport and inside of a hospital.  

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