The idea for MediCheck came from the need for a simple, user-friendly react web app that caters to both patients and healthcare professionals. With the current healthcare system, patients often find it difficult to keep track of their appointments, medications, and medical history, while healthcare professionals face challenges managing patient data and communication. I wanted to create an app that addresses these issues and streamlines the healthcare experience for both patients and healthcare professionals.

What it does

MediCheck is a react web app that allows users to login and register, and switch between patient and nurse modes. As a patient, users can schedule and manage appointments, track their medications, and access their medical history. As a nurse, users can view patient data, schedule appointments, and communicate with patients. The app is mobile and desktop friendly, and has a gradient background with a free stock medical-related photo.

How we built it

I built MediCheck using React.js, React Router, React Bootstrap, and Axios. I used React Router for client-side routing and React Bootstrap for styling and responsiveness. I used Axios to send post requests for login and get requests for the home page. I used local storage to store the token and isPatient.

Challenges we ran into

One of the main challenges I faced was creating a seamless user experience for both patients and healthcare professionals. I wanted to ensure that the app was easy to use for both groups, and that the functionality was tailored to their specific needs. Another challenge was making the app responsive for both mobile and desktop devices.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm proud of creating a user-friendly app that addresses the needs of both patients and healthcare professionals. I'm also proud of the app's responsiveness, which makes it easy to use on any device

What's next for MediCheck

I plan to continue to develop MediCheck and add new features, such as a messaging system for communication between patients and healthcare professionals, live patient location tracking, and the ability to generate and share medical reports. I also plan to integrate MediCheck with other healthcare systems to make it even more useful for patients and healthcare professionals.

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