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Drugs are often taken incorrectly due to infrequency of consumption and misused or stolen. Furthermore, drugs can be stored at poor temperatures and go bad.

What it does

Medication Dedication is a IoT project that aims to monitor pill usage and storage. Our project aims to monitor usage through an attachment of sensors on a pill bottle. The sensors log whenever the bottle is opened, how full the bottle is, and what temperature the bottle is at. Data is stored in a database and viewable on a phone app.

How its built

The pill bottle attachment is made with an IR sensor, temperature sensor, and velostat. These sensors are attached to an Arduino/Particle Photon. The Particle Photon logs the data to Azure IoT Hub which then outputs the data using a Stream Analytics job. The job sends data to an Azure SQL Database.

Our phone application is built using Flutter. The phone app is able to show an activity log and set alarms. The app accesses data through a NodeJS server running on Azure App Service. The server is connected to the Azure SQL Database that stores all the IoT data. A SMS reminder is sent through Twilio whenever an alarm is triggered.

Challenges we ran into

Our team has had some hardware issues. It was also the first time we used Flutter, Azure, and Twilio.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We used a lot of new technologies!

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