With age elderly people often forget to take their medication and/or go to their medical appointments.

What it does

Sends alerts for important medical appointments/reminders. Everything is set up and updated by the doctor's secretary and can be viewed by the patient through an app.

How we built it

We created json dataset of the patients registered with a doctor who need special attention. The secretary can send the required alerts to the patients in need. Our main user interface with the secretary was scripted in python and we have extracted the file patients data from json file and converted it into the text file. This file is then sent as an sms to the targetted patient using the programmable sms api of twilio. Now the sms is received on the patients mobile where we have installed our MedicateMe android app and will be converted into the speech using SpeechKit-Android API from Nuance Communications so that they can hear the reminder rather than having to physically look and read it on their phones.

Challenges we ran into

We had a problem making the bridge between the python interface and the Android app. The challenge was finding a way to make them communicate with each other. That's when we used Twilio's API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Teamwork, coding, how to use android studio, how to use sms API of twilio, MADE an APP which actually going to help elder peoples in the area where they really need the help of technology

What's next for MedicateMe

Setting up the TTS service from Nuance API to send the alerts in speech form instead of text. This will reduce the number of efforts that elderly people need to put in. We also want to create the same system on different platforms (PC Software, Website etc).

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