The scarcity of medicine has intensified during these catastrophic times, resulting in an unfair pricing system. Hoarding of medicine and distribution problems has disrupted everyone's lives, producing a sense of panic and powerlessness in an emergency. We wondered if there could be a place where we could resolve this growing concern.

What it does

System for prescribing drugs in hospitals and their substitutes' availability in local/city medical shops. E-consultation with certified doctors, online prescriptions, checking pharmaceutical availability and relevant information, and a mental health tracker are all available through this interactive website.


Users have to create their accounts. Then in the dashboard, they can access various features :

  1. Search the medicine required. This website will provide him/her with the medicine company price, salts, availability in the nearby shops, and the substitutes of the particular medicine in a cost-effective manner. Users can order the medicine and can pay through a secured e -payment gateway.

  2. Provide him/her consultation with the doctors registered online. There is a proper working system where the patients will share their information and medical history with their chosen doctors. The communication between the doctor and the patient will be confidential and no other doctor can view the information without the user's approval.


  1. By attaching the drive and implementing a backup system, you may automatically sync with the pharmacy's inventory. A database of medicine has been included. Pharmacy owners must choose the medicine based on what is available in their stores, and they can update it once a day to maintain a decent level of accuracy.

  2. On the website, a review mechanism is implemented. The patient can read about doctors' basic experiences, as well as rank and view them. As the patients reveal their personal information, this will develop a sense of trust in them.

  3. This whole website is supported with multilinguistic API. Anybody can access the website in their native language.

  4. Geolocation API will track and give information about the availability of medicines through nearby shops and hospitals.

How we built it

Technology Stack


  1. HTML






1.Translation APIs

  1. Distance Matrix API
  2. Multilinguistic API 4.Geolocation API

Challenges we ran into

To automatically sync each pharmacy's local database with the inventory on the website. To search an accurate medical database that has all of the necessary information, such as drugs, their alternatives, side effects, salts, prices, and companies.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We had to learn several languages to implement the idea and add new features. To develop new features, we needed to conduct a thorough market analysis. We are proud that we have successfully integrated our palette of thoughts and ideas into an interactive website.

What we learned

We learned a variety of abilities, including collaboration and teamwork. As we outsourced every duty of the hackathon, from the first features to the final structure, we learned the importance of working as part of a team to successfully make the website that will cater to today's needs.

What's next for Medicament

Prescription verification using ML & AI, Health tracker that will include BP, weight, fasting sugar and BMI index, Nutrition Chart. Speech to text API will be added for easy conversation between patient and doctor.

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