The problem were that people still have to carry their own health files in paper format and have to wait endless time for their turns at the doctors cabins and to find laboratories that have the type of annalysis they need and to find the location of pharmacies So we thought of a solution that would help them and we called it Medically .

What it does

Medically is an internet platform that uses big data science to manage people's health files .A patient can take an appointment in any doctor that is available and when done the doctor can write his diagnostics and analysis and prescribe medecins for th patient and even blood analysis and radios that need to be done then the patient can take an appointment in any laboratory that is available and the results can be put in the patient file and when he goes to a pharmacy to buy medecins everything is restored in the data base and this can be helpfull to diagnostise a patient by seeing what other doctors said and what he has before and make it easier to read his file when needed, and it give statistics easier to medical research institutions , doctors and pharmacies and laboratories have there own account to help the traceability of every thing .

How We built it

We first started annalysing the problem to figure out what we need and how to deal with real life problems so we went to doctors and laboratories and pharmacies and asked them abut their opinions and how they deal with problems and then we asked for juridicial matters of what what is allowed and what is not and when we gathered the informations we started concepting and Modelising the platforme we put a structure of how the informations are stored in the data base the relations between the doctors and laboratories and pharmacies and then we started coding .

Challenges I ran into

The challenges were how to manage appointments when people cancel theirs or when they come late or if some emergency case came to a doctor and how to deal with fake accounts so basically every thing that had to do with actors using the platform and there was also the challenge to manage the team during the developpement and keep the hard work and we have also faced some technical problems that we had to learn new things to solve them .

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have made a prototypes that does the biggest parts of the functionalities inspite of all the set backs we had ,

What I learned

I learned how to manage a team during the developpement and the attitude to have when facing problems , I learned also to use technologies like Angular5,Ajax... and How to concept properly the structure of a data base .

What's next for Medically

The next step is to create a Start-Up company and launch the platform to public after changing the structure of the data base to a Semi-structured Data base , We intent to use Hadoop Technology with Hbase so we can make the response of the platform very fast because a lot of people are going to access it , and a health related platform should not be slow .

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