During the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone needs to stay at home, but that was impossible to meet doctor without going out to hospital. We wanted to make this as possible as feasible

What it does

Via this application, users will be able to get contacted with doctors and get observed. There also AI based chatbot that's called "MedBot" , which is able to response to patients independently.

How we built it

We used html5, js to create the website, and Python for AI based bot and Figma for prototype.

Challenges we ran into

While making the website, our developers had struggled with some JavaScript codes, and html commands. But we tried our best to get consummate form of Medicall.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Nevertheless we are not professional, our team has created website, AI based chatbot and mobile app's prototype as perfect as we could.

What we learned

We improved our Front-End and JavaScript skills during creating website and we learned much about UI design while we were using Figma

What's next for Medicall

We feel much about this project, that's why we think this web-app should be enforced as soon as possible.

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