A few weeks ago my right foot started swelling up and was painful even putting on my socks. I couldn't figure out why. Was it due to bug bites? Capsulitis or a fractured toe? I couldn't go to my family doctor because they are closed on the weekends, and probably due to the high amount of patients from Covid, he was not accepting any phone calls.

I ended up calling my Aunt who is also a physician, but she lives across the country. It was my first time using telehealth and I found it difficult to communicate the pain on which toe joints hurt and where it didn't. And I noticed many telehealth solutions is just a video call and thats when I came up with this app to make it much more visual. (It also turned out to be from swelling from sitting down too long and not moving. Reminder for devs to get up and walk every few hours!)

What it does

It's an app that allows patients to better communicate with doctors. It has the video call and real time messaging feature every other telehealth app has, but it takes it up a level with a more refined interaction interface via the 3D avatar using the sidebar tools.

How we built it

  • Built on Android with Java. Sceneform for the 3D model rendering.
  • Backend using Node.Js, Express. Websockets for the real time communication.
  • Blender
  • Agora for video calling

What's next for MediCall

  • Building for iOS
  • Documentation upload, user copay, avatar animations to pinpoint areas of pain.
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