The Breakdown:


We were inspired to create this webpage because not everyone is medically trained to assist someone in need.

What it does:

On this webpage it gives the user information on what to do when either injured or sick.

How we built it:

We built it by using JavaScript, css, css3, and html5.

Challenges we ran into:

The biggest challenges that we ran into was trying to figure out how to use voice command and to get the code for it to work. Another one was trying to get the JavaScript to work with the HTML.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working together and completing the whole project on time and not having to do any last minute changes.

What we learned:

We learned a lot about JS, how to video chat through the browser, team-working skills, and ask questions.

What's next for MediCall:

Create an app, perfect our voice command, do speech to text, and create a bigger illness/injury database.

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