It is known that many people don't receive healthcare as soon as possible. Even though they go the urgent care there are still wait times and it will take time to get checked up.

What it does

Insta care is an app that allows people to let the doctor know what is going on at every instance. You can put in your medical data and lets doctors help you out without getting off your bed. There are 3 simple steps: note down your symptoms, how do you feel about it, contact the doctor.

How I built it

For the frontend, we built a web app using React. On the backend, we have a few different technologies in use. For storing data and hosting our demo, we used Google Cloud, MongoDB, and UiPath Automotion because of its ease of use. For capturing the user's health data including their heart rate, food intake, and water intake, we wrote a backend in Python using Flask to pull the data and store it in the cloud. We used Twilio to provide the patients with appointment reminders and to chat directly with the doctor. We also built a separate Node.js backend to capture information about the user's range of motion in their limbs, which we prototyped capturing from an Android device for testing.

What We Learned

One of the most important things that we have learned, was how to make a web app have a complete mobile experience. Our app is a complete web-based app that can be used on any platform, which makes it available to any device user.

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