There is a problem of resource availability when the doctors send the patients to do specific studies that demand the use of medical equipment that is not available in the location,

I want to do a little app that helps the doctors and patients to know where is located the medical equipment required by them, showing it in a map together with the contact information of the owners.

What it does

It shows in a digital map, the locations of the public medical centers in Mexico that owns more sophisticated medical devices (equipment), like magnetic resonators, tomographs, and others.

The user can filter the locations by the equipment they require and navigate through the map to get the directions and contact information.

How I built it

It was build by fetching information from Datos Abiertos Mexico, from previous official studies about medical attention capabilities; and fetching the locations for each center from another also official and public database.

The data from the capability of the centers were merged by their contact information and geographical location.

Using the Google Maps services, the centers are marked in the MAP, and using javascript and HTML are shown in a standard web browser.

The user can select from a predefined list of medical equipment, and the list is filtered and shown in the map using a small code in javascript.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge was to define better the problem statement to solve. Several assumptions were done, and also I need to fetch more information (about the problems and state of the medical health system) from the internet.

Using that, I want to do any solution that has more feasibility (but I don't have the time to do a full market study or feasibility study), so the next challenge was to design a minimal application that have great chances to be useful, even if some of the assumptions was invalid.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of all the information I found on the internet and in official places. There is a lot of data available already collected by public institutions, and a lot of analysis and visualizations could be done with this information.

Also, I get proud of the knowledge of an institution called CENETEC SALUD, that in previous years do a lot of material about telemedicine and how to implement it in méxico.

What I learned

I learn a lot about the importance of having a well-defined problem before starting to solve anything, and to get informed. also, I learn that there is data available in the Open Data Mexico, to work on it.

What's next for Medical Service Locator

Medical Service Locator was done as a challenge for a Hackathon, there are no future plans for it, but some ideas are in a draft in the linked document (in Spanish): .

If someone wants to continue on it, the full source code could be used as a base, use it at your discretion and without warranties.

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