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With our solution, hospitals and clinic will be able to finally give control of medical records to patients while not only increasing accessibility of records, but also enhancing the security of records through the power of blockchain technology.

Our mission is to empower patients through returning ownership of records to the patients through a secure network utilizing blockchain solutions while reducing hospital works.

Many surgeons due to high demand must leave their patients prior to their awakening. Patients then wake up with a nurse in the room and the nurses are legally obligated to not view the patient’s medical history. This means that the patients have to leave the hospital without knowing whether their operation was a success. Our vision is a world where patients know the outcome of their surgeries immediately after waking up from their operations which can be completed through our mission.

The largest problem we came across was one of security. Securing the worlds medical records and making them easily accessible is a difficult challenge. We feel we have combatted that challenge head-on with our hyperledger blockchain implementation and mobile phone development placing secure medical records in the hands of our users.

This idea came to us while we were studying up on ethereum and how it passes smart assets from one user to another. We asked ourselves, “why can’t we consider a medical record a financial asset?” There is a high level of privacy necessary for both financial assets and medical records thus our idea to use a hyper ledger and blockchain solution to the age-old problem of getting medical records back into the user’s hands became our challenge.

We decided to use Hyperledger Fabric (a smart contract tool created by IBM) because Fabric was created for application development. We then used the Hyperledger composer's tool to utilize Hyperledger Fabric’s implementation of the blockchain. If you are a sponsor who wants to learn more about Hyperledger we encourage you to visit the following websites: https://www.hyperledger.org




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