Our friends and family who are working in medical care environments.

What it does

It builds a solid security network of volunteers for institutions in desperate need of help.

How we built it

With a lot of love and sleepless nights and coffee.


Challenges we ran into

Realizing that we need more information as planned in the beginning and therefore had to update profiles of a part of the registered volunteers. Another challenge: we live in Switzerland and therefore wanted to have multiple languages, which ended up being a huge challenge for programming, translating and organizing changes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our design! And we achieved in less than 48 hours over 700 registered volunteers of 22 different cantons.

What we learned

Solidarity is what counts in the end. The help we received, and the positive feedback was and still is astonishing!

What's next for Medical Informatics

We want to go further. Our next step is, to build the institution side, where institutions in need can register and the logic will automatically assign volunteers from the neighborhood and send them the request.


Vimeo | Supporters in times of need

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