Every patient should have access to their own health data to involve patients and their families more effectively in the patients' care.

What it does

On a regulatory compliant social media platform, the Hub aggregates and harmonizes health data from clinicians and devices in the home, compares care plan goals with the data collected, and supports communication of health challenges to enable patient engagement and improve health outcomes.

How I built it

I initially developed a strategic vision that was refined several times based on the input received from colleagues and potential customers. We began to build the product with a team of two. Slowly as team members joined we added features. We have iterated more times than I can recall.

Challenges I ran into

There were too many challenges to reasonably list, ranging from minor ones like finding the right office space to major ones like managing EHR connectivity and CCDA consumption.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We brought people together with different backgrounds and levels of experience and made something extraordinary. We took something very difficult and complicated and the more time we spent creating it and talking about it with potential customers and investors, the better we got at explaining the product more clearly. Perhaps our most valuable accomplishment was that as the product became more clear, the people we spoke to became increasingly excited about what we have been building.

What I learned

Sometimes the hardest part is finding the right team. Ours was Awesome!

What's next for Medical Hub ®

We will continue to add features, secure a partner for beta testing, and go to market.

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