As we know the Corona virus outbreak is the biggest global issue right now. Currently COVID patients can only go to government hospitals for checkup, and private facilities are not allowed to consult such cases. However, it is only a matter of time before the public infrastructure gets overwhelmed and the government will need to work with various private hospitals for treatment of COVID patients. In that situation, government and people will need transparent information of the private medical facilities and infrastructure.

What it Does-

The web application provides a platform where hospitals and other health facilities which can provide treatment during COVID-19 or any other probable pandemic can register themselves. The hospitals will update the platform with information such as availability if beds, ICU beds and doctors. All this information will help the government monitor the condition of healthcare infrastructure of the country. The application will also display the nearest facilities that are currently providing treatment, hence potential patients seeking treatment can use this application to get to the right place at the right time.

How I built It-

The tech stack includes: Python, Flask framework, MongoDB, HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery.


I typically prefer LAMP stack for my projects. But for this, I decided to learn a new development stack that is, Python, Flask and Mongo. Learning a new stack and creating a project with it was challenging and fun at the same time.

What I Learnt-

I am proud that finally I learnt a new development stack that too in just a single day. I also learnt about how the healthcare industry operates and how availability of transparent information can help prevent outbreaks like this in future.

Whats Next-

If anonymous medical details of patients were available to all, COVID outbreak could've been anticipated a long time ago and the situation would not have become this big. Medical Facility Tracking application intends to store patient's medical history anonymously on public Blockchain. This will be like an unified platform used all over the world.

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