We were motivated by how data could be shared securely on the blockchain and that the medical field lacks such technology to handle data. This is effective in that a medical record is owned by exactly one person at a time. The owner of the medical record of a patient is by reading the ledger and following the transaction for his/her ID

What it does

Medical-BlockShare uses the IPFS to have a shared, decentralized file system containing all the medical records. Access to a medical record can then be requested using a transaction on the blockchain, permission is given likewise. The use of the blockchain allows the file-sharing system to be supervised.

How we built it

We came together and discuss the ways and ideas on how we could build a platform using blockchain that can bring an impact to the community. We decided on this project and we gave ourselves time to study. After two weeks of studying we embarked on coding. We divided the task according to strength it worked out nicely.

Challenges we ran into

We add little or no knowledge about blockchain but we were able to learn from the internet resource and the thanks to the organizers' deadline were pushed forward.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that even though there were a lot of challenges we were able to create an MVC that will help during and after the pandemic.

What we learned

We learned a lot about blockchain and collaborating together despise the pandemic,

What's next for Medical-BlockShare

Creating frontend UI to be fully deployed.

Built With

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