We are a passionate group of students working towards creating solutions that can create an impact on the society. We believe in analysing problems that affect the masses and come up with relevant solutions. Our inspiration is to bring a change in the society through our contributions.

What it does

he submission essentially consists of a web server analysing the test cases for patient suffering from different problems. Considering the COVID scenario, going to the hospital for regular check-ups can leave patients susceptible to COVID-19 infection. Hence we came up with with the solution where the patients only need to get tested for the medical problems. The diagnoses and evaluation will be done on the web server and the results can be updated to the patient via a message or the web server account

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

We were working using a huge dataset. Working with the code required a good computation kernel and it took a long time to train the model. accomplishement

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our idea and how it can contribute towards the society. In the present time, social distancing is very crucial. Hence our approach becomes very important to contribute towards the mitigation of the problem.

What we learned

We learned about various modelling techniques for predicting diseases. We also learned about how to develop web based applications integrated with machine learning algorithms

What's next for Medical based Machine learning algorithms

We plan on working for this project even after the hackathon ends. There huge scope for this project, and our next steps include working on the website and making it more interactive. We plan on providing additional functionalities and include a section for medicine recommendation for the patients

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