What is it?

In short, ChartPort MD exists as a cloud-based service for healthcare professionals to have easy access to patient records. Currently, ChartPort M.D. focuses on Doctors of Medicine and general practitioners. However, we plan to expand to other healthcare fields in the future, all to be supported under the ChartPort name.


This project was originally created at ArchHacks in November 2016. It is currently being further revised and edited for the GE Health Cloud Innovation Challenge.


  • User Accounts - Support for both doctors and system administrators.
  • Patient Records - Patients "belong" to a doctor in the system, but can be transferred easily to other doctors. Only the current doctor may edit patient information.
  • Patient Notes - Records entered by a doctor about the patient, appearing on the patient's record in ChartPort.
  • Prescriptions and Medications - Doctors can add prescriptions to patient records.
  • Hospitals - ChartPort includes support to show registered hospitals or other medical facilities. Each page includes Google Maps Geolocation support.
  • Hospital Registrations - Doctor accounts can "register" to any hospital they practice at. Registrations can be viewed from the Doctor's page. A list of registrations per hospital can be seen at the hospital's record page.
  • Encryption - Data contained within ChartPort is encrypted.


X Coan [Github]

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posted an update

New Name

What was formerly known as MedLog is now known as ChartPort M.D.!

What's going on?

The last four months have been spent entirely revamping and improving on the project for the G.E. Health Cloud Innovation Challenge! I think the project is in a good state for a demo. The past four months have been an exciting process of learning and executing new concepts to me.

What's changed?

Since the initial presentation at ArchHacks in 2016, several features have been added:

  • Admin Users
  • Hospitals - with Google Maps geolocation support
  • A separate controller for notes about the patient per visit
  • Complete redesign
  • Data Encryption
  • A new URL with SSL certs enabled.

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