we wanted to make an autonomous vehicle that would cut time and reduce the cost exponentially.

What it does

It is built to deliver first aid kits and other necessary medicines to people in need. These kits are specifically built for you by your health care provider and are easy to use.

How we built it

We used a multi wii and raspberry pi for our main controller along with escs and motors. we connected all motors to the escs and used the multiwii as our flight hub. We used our raspberry pi to create our main board for the neural networks and open cv. We soldered our connectors to the corresponding ports and connected all parts using jumper cables.

Challenges we ran into

Our ultrasonic sensor wasn't working and we also ran into a lot of trouble for our raspberry pi since we didn't have a monitor and our ssh wasn't working. Our camera was also faulty and the battery was draining too quickly. Our drone was also tilting on one side.

Accomplishments that we're proud of We built a final product that is functional

we are extremely proud of our semi-autonomous drone, as it both autonomous and driver controlled. it also has open cv for object and facial recognition. we believe it would be really helpful if we could implement this in the real world.

What we learned

We learned that hard work

What's next for Medical Aerial Vehicle Initiative

we plan to implement all our improvements and add a gps tracking for the drone. We also plan to make it immersive by having a video transmitter. we will also try to custom make our own pcb for the drone with a higher processing power.

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