We wanted a web-based project and had just recently learned about Twitter and Node.js in class.

What it does

It searches through recent tweets for medical keywords, and either replies with specific advice if available, or links to outside information. The bot also retweets news from major medical accounts.

How we built it

We broke up the bot into different base functions: retweeting, tweeting, searching for tweets, and searching for links/information. Once we did that, we focused on the basics for each of our functions and gradually expanded their utility to interact properly with each other.

Challenges we ran into

We intended to use TensorFlow to create a reverse image search, however support was lacking so we had to abandon that.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Firstly, the bot is functioning as intended and has produced some impressively relevant replies. Also, Google deprecated their search API, so still being able to implement the link search was satisfying. Finally, this was our groups first real foray into the dark jungle of JavaScript, so making it through in one piece is something we're proud of.

What we learned

We learned that primarily using string parsing to determine replies can lead to some humorous outcomes.

What's next for Medical Advice Twitter Bot

Implementing direct message capabilities, reverse image searching, expanding reply language, and refining the string parsing to filter out some extraneous replies.

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