-> We were inspired to work for this project after the lack of quick medical emergency facility available till now.

-> Most of the pharmacy delivery system requires you to undergo lot of tasks before ordering medical items. And these private apps aren't even available in most of the regions.

-> In many areas people don't know much about these facilities or neither know how to use a mobile application.

-> The whole process of payment and services is a huge headache as every time it is to make a transaction without the option of single click and quick buy options.

-> Neither we have seen a system that can take users assessment and suggest real time medical items.

-> We believe that at the time of emergency, its not practical to wait for a person to help us buy medical items.

-> We wanted to leverage power of a common portal like Facebook that is used by millions of users and neither a user must have headache to keep installing independent apps for emergency purpose.

-> Thus we built an Intelligent chat bot application called MedicAI.

What it does

-> Medic AI is your day to day personal assistant. With its smart cognitive intelligence powered by engine this artificially intelligent assistant delivers you the best and most possible accurate results each time.

-> We use Facebook messenger as bot to take very few questions and leverage complete delivery of essential medical items quickly.

-> We have inbuilt wallets which can be recharged earlier. So as it makes the lives of users much easier by making a single click buy system.

-> Medic AI has been created to cater to the needs of millions of people who can easily get access to all the necessary services virtually from home.

-> It’s specialized algorithm helps you find the nearest medical centers, buy emergency medical kits and even assess your health instantly with the help of its symptom checker.

-> When a user enters the details of medical items he is prompted for the nearby store for the purchase, which on selection can be received by the particular pharmacy stores.

-> The bot also has a self-assessment system in which users can check for any problems they have by talking it out with the bot. The bot is clever enough to help user with appropriate suggestions.

How We built it

-> For the chat bot we used The NLP system helped us to create an powerful AI bot on messenger.

-> We have created a Facebook page for our services.

-> We made our Website using Bootstrap and integrated Facebook messenger services to our application.

-> In we used the python as the language and later integrated it with the Facebook messenger.

Challenges We ran into

-> We had never worked with a creation of bot services. So the process was quite challenging for us.

-> Integrating the bot created with with our Facebook messenger took us some time.

-> We had never integrated a bot application with a live website, so this process was bit of a task.

-> We are developers of different universities and have our exams going on. So it was bit challenging to work in between and make this project.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

-> Working with a team and completing project during tough times is something we all are proud of.

-> Building an ecosystem for making peoples life easy by empowering Facebook's awesome technologies feels great.

-> We had never worked on a chat bot project before. So this allowed us to learn lot about bots and its concepts.

What we learned

-> Team work and Time management

-> Understanding Facebook's messenger technology.

-> Integrating chat-bot to a web application

-> Integrating to messenger using python.

-> Making process for demo video.

-> Hosting an bot based website on cloud service like Heroku.

What's next for MedicAI

-> This is our idea and we have presented an demo of our application. Next we plan to work in depth of the chat application.

-> Make more users understand about this simplicity of using Facebook for emergency and SOS services. -> Help pharmacy stores with usage of application.

-> Make more assessment features for users.

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