Most hospitals have a call and book appointment system. This puts unnecessary load on the clinic staff to manage/ cancel appointments. Also, there is no transparency in terms of availability of the doctor on particular days. Sometimes, doctors schedules are completely booked and patients have to look at alternate hospitals to get their checkups done.

What it does

  • An interactive map based search for hospitals
  • Filter based on the type of medical assistance provided
  • Ability to change/ cancel appointments
  • Setting alerts for certain dates and certain doctors, so that you are notified when they are available
  • Recommendations related to routine checkups

Conclusions for MediBuddy

  • The patient is able to book the appointments according to his liking
  • The patient can navigate on the map to choose any other hospital as well
  • The patient is able to view summary of all his past appointments
  • Precious time of the clinic staff is saved in scheduling appointments
  • The doctors can publish their schedule and thus spend less time answering questions about his availability

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