72% of gamers forget to drink water, and take their medicine, and stop being depressed.

What it does

Medibot is a discord bot that reminds you to drink water, take medicine, and stop being depressed. The don't be depressed bot sends memes at random times, the water bot reminds you to drink water every hour, and the medicine bot reminds you to take medicine every 3 and a half hours.

How we built it

We built MediBot using Python and discord developer api.

Challenges we ran into

Getting python to communicate with the discord api was a bit of a challenge to get working.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The bots eventually were able to send successful reminders to the discord.

What we learned

We leaned about some python modules and libraries such as BeautifulSoup for web scraping.

What's next for MediBot

Make more automation for different medical tasks. Possible improvements in timing/scheduling of messages.

Built With

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