MediBook+ is a secure medical document application. Featuring end-to-end encryption, it allows you to securely store important and sensitive medical information. In the case of an emergency, emergency response can view your medical profile and history via a medical card.


  • End-to-end encryption. All personal information is only visible on a device on which you enter a custom crypt code.
  • Encrypted cloud storage. Allows you to access your medical information anywhere with your crypt code.
  • Emergency card printout. Allows you to store an emergency card in your wallet with a url to access all of your details for emergency responders.
  • Searchable text and image upload. You can store text along with images, all of which can be searched.

MediBook+ is fully functional on a mobile device with our Android app (live, but older) or iOS app (pending App Store approval). (Google Play Store apk is old version, but pending update)

There is a desktop version at for emergency use only. This is for doctors and medical responders to access if a user carries our emergency access card. Emergency access card template:

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