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Most of the times text is not the best way to document the code. New joinee in the organization has to go through the entire the codebase to get on pace with the work. He has to contact various developers if he dosent understand something. It is time consuming for all the developers. It would be very convenient if developers keep an audio/video/image log of the code canges. Media Doc will also be useful to log all the design meetings so that one can look back at it if required.

So, we hereby propose a solution to this problem which involves uploading either the media of the meeting wherein the project or any other documentation related to the project on Github. This, helps the new developer to understand the code base by going through the Github repository of the project along with listening to the audio/video logs of the of the meeting or code explanation if required.

What it does

The web application presents all the commit history of a specified repository in a timeline format. Each commit has media file tagged along with it which we call "media documentation". If there is no media already attached with the commit then we provide a dropfield field where the user can drop/upload a media related to the commit.

How we built it

We utilized MongoDB Stitch to build the backend side of the application because it helped us to focus more on working on the features of the appliction rather than on managing data manipulation code, service integration, and backend infrastructure. We made use of React JS to develop the front end of the Web Application. Github apis were also used in to retrieve the commits from Github repositories.

Challenges we ran into

Presenting the user with the information on the previous commits in a effective way was very essential, and we faced issues while improving the application front end but eventually we were able to provide a simple and smooth interface to the user.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Got to work on beta version of Mongo DB stitch, the documentation provided was really helpful and it helped us in focusing on the application very well. Also, we were able to provide a simple an minimalist interface using Reactjs which is very easy for the developer to understand.

What we learned

We learned how to utilize MongoDB stitch to develop a web application effectively.

What's next for MediaDoc

We would like to integrate the application with twilio and send a text to the user whenever the user commits a file to the repository or makes any changes to the repository which would help the user notify that he/she has to submit any kind of media that might be related to the commit

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